We have been producing a broad range of high quality, fun and meaningful music for everyone - youngsters, the elderly as well as children! Our gratitude to all for your continued love, support and appreciation of our productions!

Vishal is one of the most popular Recording Artists among NRIs. Based in New York, he is best known for his "One Man Shows" with Vocals and live Keyboards. He is blessed with a great following in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Canada, Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname, Amsterdam, Europe, Africa, India, Australia and Asia.

What's special about his productions? Ahem.......Cool Desi Funk from the Soul, and a hot mix of eastern and western cultures! His music comes from the heart and soul, is unconventional and varied. While the world seems to be in turmoil with the spread of hatred and destruction of our natural environment, our music and film provides an oasis that promotes love toward God, all of His / Her Creation, and positive feelings toward one another!

We hope you continue to enjoy watching our music videos with melodious songs in Hindi, Punjabi, and English on Youtube (VishalTV), and on reputable desi TV and Radio Channels all over the world. Appearances include ITV in New York - Channel 77 on Time Warner, West Indian programs in Canada, B4U and SAB TV channels in India, Singapore and the UK, ZEE TV worldwide, RBC Radio in New York. We have produced cool sounding jingles for television shows, directed and arranged music for aspiring artists.